Monday, 17 September 2007

Hi Everyone

Haven't posted for a while so apologies .... I have been having a great time with lots of great walks. Usually around this time of year its got a lot colder but this recent run of warmer weather has been very much appreciated. Andy finds it difficult to get a jacket on and off but I can help him! Its much quicker to go out for the walk if he doesn't need a coat on though.

The weekend before last Andy held an event in the front garden of the house called 'the dogs breakfast' to raise money for dogs for the disabled. It was a real shame I didn't get to try the breakfast, as it was bacon and sausage rolls. Still, the event was very well attended and raised £1048!

I'm going back to Banbury, where I was trained tomorrow with Andy. I still get really excited going back there, there's lots of friends I get to see again and lots of memories of all my training there when I was younger. I can't wait!!

See you soon .......