Friday, 29 February 2008

Yippee ...... Springs Coming

I'm sure its getting warmer and the days seem longer , can't wait as I love these months ...... longer walks and more swimming too .... yippee

don't forget to watch crufts in march too, and look out for 'Percy' in the friends for life award hes a very special assistance dog, one of the first in England trained to help a child with autism ..... it looks like hes making a very good job of it too ..... the full story should be featured each day the programme is broadcast

Crufts 2008 BBC 2 March 6th - 8:00pm
Crufts 2008 BBC 2 March 7th - 8:00pm
Crufts 2008 BBC 2 March 8th - 8:00pm
Crufts 2008 BBC 2 March 9th - 5:15pm
Crufts 2008 BBC 2 March 9th - 7:00pm

You can vote for Percy when the show releases the phone numbers, he's already a winner in my eyes as are the other nominees

catch u soon

Henry :o)

Friday, 15 February 2008

Sad News

Hi Everyone,

for those of you who have read my earlier posts, you'll have heard me talk about 'Venny' the first Cambridgshire assistance dog from dogs for the disabled. He's always kept me on the straight and narrow, setting a perfect example of just how an assistance dog should behave, in fact he was known locally as the 'Ambassadog' helping raise many thousands of pounds for the charity too. In fact without his hard work, I might not be here at all helping Andy.

Sadly Venny became very ill early in the new year and was put to sleep on the 4th January. His owner Marie who I still see a lot was devastated as was I. Venny was 12 years old

Theres a memorial fund at the charity set up in Vennys name with the purpose of funding another dog with a name beginning with V in his honour, if you can help with a donation please contact the charity directly at:-

Dogs for the Disabled

heres a couple of pitures of Venny a true loyal friend and an amazing assistance dog too ........