Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Klaus and Me

Here's a picture of Klaus and Me

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Thanks for taking part in the poll

Hi everyone,

hope your bank holiday weekend was good, mine was fun had a swim in a river with a retired police dog friend of mine called 'Klaus' he still looks very fierce as most german shepards do but he's a big teddy bear really. We have great fun playing together.

Thanks for taking part in the poll, suprisingly black labradors are the early favourites, come on the 'yellows'

Please have a look at the new video links to other dogs for the disabled partnerships too


Friday, 24 August 2007

Been another busy week

Hello again,

I wonder what you've been up to since my last post? Well for me its been all go, spent a morning with my friend Venny, he's another assistance dog who works for a lady called Marie in a nearby village. Venny is a real old hand at this assistance dog thing as hes now 11! He sets me a great example to follow. I like it when Marie and Venny come over as its a great time for play and we usually get a treat or two.

Saw Venny again at our village summer show, Andy and Marie were running a stall there. There were lots of other dogs there and a dog show too. I was voted 'Best Orwell Dog' and got a small silver cup and rosette which I am very proud of.

Next door to us were a lot of collies and what can only be described as a doggy assault course. I think its called dog agility. Well these collies are really brave going through tunnels and over jumps and see-saws. Imagine my suprise when the woman running the course asked Andy if I'd like a go and my shock when he said yes!! I went around the course with the help of Andys daughter Josie and Andy was encouraging me. It was great fun, loved the jumps and tunnels but was a but shakey on the see-saw but I did it!

This week the local newspaper is doing an article about how I help Andy, so I had lts of photographs taken of me doing all my task work around the house. I have done a couple more talks with Andy and helped raise some more money for puppies too.

Check by soon for my next update


the picture is me in the local woods

Friday, 10 August 2007

Busy Week - Lots of Fun

Hmmmm, where do I start last week has been great fun. Did my usual of helping Andy get up and get dressed every day and carried things around the house for him most days too. On friday morning he packed a towel and my ball thrower in the car for me, so I got an idea it could be a good day.

After a longish drive I found myself at a big sandy beach. I heard Andy say to his friend who came with us it was Norfolk, there were lots of other dogs on the beach and after lunch had a great time chasing and being chased and getting very wet and grubby. Finished off getting clean in some less salty tasting water, slept most of the way home. Its great doing all this doggy stuff!

Andy did a couple of talks this week about Dogs for the Disabled to some local groups, they always make a fuss of me and I usually get a bowl of tea and a biscuit. Thats after I've showed them how I pick up credit cards and coins, push the footplates down on Andy's wheelchair and put rubbish in the bin. I've heard Andy's talk a few times now and usually have a sleep by his side when he's talking, apparently I usually snore quite loudly - whatever that means!

Rest of the week was great several long walks with lots of swimming and a trip into Cambridge Town centre too .....

It's a dog's life :-)