Friday, 2 May 2008

'Pounds for Hounds'

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are ok,

I probably wouldn't be here today helping Andy, if it hadn't been for the fundraising efforts of a good friend Marie and her wonderful assistance dog Venny.

Sadly Venny died suddenly aged 11 earlier this year leaving my friends life devestated. She misses him dearly and is currently without all the help these wonderful dogs are able to give.

Andy and I came up with the 'Pounds for Hounds' idea to help raise money for a new assistance dog for Marie. The idea is similar to a street collection but on the internet. If we can get this web address and story to as many people as possible and they can each donate £1 then we might be able to reach our target :-) Please feel free to copy and paste text from this page and the justgiving page below

How You Can Help
If you can help by sending this web address to your family friends and email/online contacts together with the story and idea that should get the ball rolling

Pennies for Puppies = Pounds for Hounds
Venny was a wonderful ambassador for the charity and raised a huge amount of money in his own right.

The cost of placing a 2 year old assistance dog ie estimated to be £5,000 for its training and lifelong placement with a disabled person.

We have set a very ambitious target of £5,000 for this fundrasing effort to fully cover the cost of Marie's new assistance dog.

Thanks for reading and catch u soon

Henry :o)

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