Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Thanks for taking part in the poll

Hi everyone,

hope your bank holiday weekend was good, mine was fun had a swim in a river with a retired police dog friend of mine called 'Klaus' he still looks very fierce as most german shepards do but he's a big teddy bear really. We have great fun playing together.

Thanks for taking part in the poll, suprisingly black labradors are the early favourites, come on the 'yellows'

Please have a look at the new video links to other dogs for the disabled partnerships too


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Laughing Lurcher said...

Just logged on to your blog for the first time, Henry. Good to know what you are up to, apart from helping Andy of course. We are very proud of you in the village.
Congratulations on winning Best Orwell Dog last week, although Merlin was a tad upset as he won the title last year. Mumbled something to me like, "Hmmph, could charm the socks of anyone, that dog".
Look forward to your next entry.