Friday, 21 December 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a very happy christmas and a great new year too. I've been out a lot helping Andy recently and I think I saw a new cuddly dog toy and a doggy stocking being bought !! I hope they are for me :-) guess I'll have to wait and see ......

Andy was really pleased just recently, although he's got a spinal injury he can walk a few steps with crutches but he's really slow and can fall over easily. He hasn't fallen for over 18 months, then the other night we camne in at around 11pm when it was raining, I think Andy's crutches slipped on the kitchen floor because there was a louud crash and when I went into the kitchen he was lying there and because his arms and muscles are so weak he cant get up or move. I have been trained to help him if this happens so Andy asked me to get the phone, which I did and he was able to ring his neighbours to come and help him up ... he had a few bruises but apart from that was ok ......

I Knew I had got it right because I got extra treats at 11.15pm which never normally happens, and lots of praise and hugs too .....

catch up with you in the new year .....

have a good one



Elizabeth said...

Dear Henry and Andy - I live across the ocean in the USA, and am waiting for my assistance dog! I'm looking for ideas for raising money to help my dog's organization (PAALS) and I really like some of the things you talk about.
I hope you will visit my blogs, especially
That is where I am documenting my wait. Henry, you sound so helpful and so happy. I hope my Woof will be just as happy as you are! I KNOW he will be helpful!

bilby said...

Dear Henry

Your owner is already a hero to my owner for all the help he gave her in 2002 when her nephew broke his back jumping off a sand-dune here in Western Australia.

You are soooooooo my hero.
(Lucky I'm black or you'd see a bit of a Crush Blush on my face)

I'm only 9 months old & so far, I just visit some old people in a home and help them clean up any dinner they've left on their clothes.

They seem to like me a lot though. Some of them won't talk or look at anyone, but when they see me, they smile.

I watch your videos all the time, so I can learn how to be a true assistance dog like you.

Brilliant work on the 21st !

Bess - your devoted teenage fan xxx slurp xxx slurp