Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A Charity Ball for Me!

I went to a charity ball on Saturday night organised by Scotts Veterinary Clinic [Bedford] at the Bedford Blues Rugby Club. This was there first fundraising ball and it was a lot of fun. They raised a huge amount of money on the night which is going to be given to 'Dogs for the Disabled' and the 'Wildlife Trust'

Everyone made a lot of fuss over me and I felt very welcome, the live jazz music was quite loud but I managed to sleep through most of it, I only wish I was sharing the meal it looked and smelt fab!

Well done everyone at Scotts, these events take a lot of hard work and organising and thanks for thinking of 'Dogs for the Disabled'


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Elizabeth said...

Hi Henry and Andy -
Just wanted you to know that I'm working with a wonderful partner named "Emmy." She's a beautiful black lab - very dainty and fastidious about her paws. We've been in training together for 11 days, now, and have 3 more to go. Saturday, Sept 27 is our ADI test {shiver!!} and if we pass, Emmy and I go home together!! Pray for us!
Have missed your posts - hope you will post again, soon!