Friday, 29 February 2008

Yippee ...... Springs Coming

I'm sure its getting warmer and the days seem longer , can't wait as I love these months ...... longer walks and more swimming too .... yippee

don't forget to watch crufts in march too, and look out for 'Percy' in the friends for life award hes a very special assistance dog, one of the first in England trained to help a child with autism ..... it looks like hes making a very good job of it too ..... the full story should be featured each day the programme is broadcast

Crufts 2008 BBC 2 March 6th - 8:00pm
Crufts 2008 BBC 2 March 7th - 8:00pm
Crufts 2008 BBC 2 March 8th - 8:00pm
Crufts 2008 BBC 2 March 9th - 5:15pm
Crufts 2008 BBC 2 March 9th - 7:00pm

You can vote for Percy when the show releases the phone numbers, he's already a winner in my eyes as are the other nominees

catch u soon

Henry :o)


Elizabeth said...

Dear Henry and Andy - I am sooooo glad you have begun posting again. I come to your blog frequently and hope to see a new post about what you are doing.

Here in Georgia, USA, it is Spring. We have lots of flowers, and the pollen is filling the air. Our nasal allergies are going crazy, and Magnus the Cat is shedding all over the house. It would be wonderful if I could teach my Assistance Dog (my "Woof") when I get it to do some vacuuming around here!

Maybe you will have time to visit my blog
I have a link to your blog there.
Dr. Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I've added the Assistance Dog Blog onto my own blog on my hearing ear dog Bosley!

Carolyn said...

You write very well.